For centuries copper was prevalent in most households – pots for storing yogurt, gathering milk, and fetching water; pans for cooking; stacked dishes for packing lunches; lidded boxes for toting soaps and toiletries to the hamam; bowls for scooping water in the hamam; pitchers with braziers for carrying and serving sahlep; trays for serving and eating from; graceful water pitchers with basins for washing hands; presses for squeezing out fine noodles for kadayif; covered dishes for serving food.  The shapes and forms varied by region, decoration and inscriptions varied with the status and wealth of the owner, but copper was in every household.

Today most copper has been replaced with aluminum, stainless steel, and even plastic, but for those who keep the few remaining tinsmiths in business by using copper, the joy of living with such pieces is immeasurable.

bIMM_6245bIMM_6225All photographs by delikızınyeri


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