Joy on the Streets

IMT_11954-EditThere are always street musicians on Istiklal Caddesi in the evening and last night was no exception.  I bounced from a Kurdish group to my favorite Syrian band, enjoying not only the music, but also the audience’s reaction.
IMT_11925-EditIMT_11845-EditIstiklal Cd., Istanbul, Turkey
All photographs by delikizinyeri


One thought on “Joy on the Streets

  1. very nice. Since I’ve been in the middle of it, it is interesting to see how incompatible the vertical and horizontal photos can be. (Not in this situation…although the vertical becomes so much bigger than the horizontals).

    Because of this, I limited myself to horizontals only in my video. I’m wondering about that subject. Cenk says to use both, in clusters, if I remember. And I noticed last night you had a string of verticals, than switched to one horizontal to lead into a horizontal video…

    I miss you. Hopefully the week we are both back, like the 22 or so, we can go out for a shoot. Maybe trace the JR path and see if anything is left.

    xo, g

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