From Shore to Shore


Love bridges!  From the old fashioned covered bridges to the sweeping new metal structures, they are both functional and artistic.



Top – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Middle – Rural Pennsylvania
Bottom – 7th century Mehmed Paşa Sokolovic bridge, Visegrad, Bosnia Herzegovina
All photographs by delikızınyeri

2 thoughts on “From Shore to Shore

  1. What an original idea, to focus on bridges, Linda! They are all lovely but I especially like the first one. the second one because of the colours, reminds me of that film Bridge over Madison County is also very evocative. God how I cried in that film…!

    • Can’t claim that I had the idea first – had the photos first and then realized I could build a blog out of them. It’s all part of that process of actually looking at and using one’s accumulation of shots. Doing the blog for me is a really good exercise in seeing what and how I shoot and after discussing my blogs with Delizia, I realize that I tend to shoot at the same distance when for these little blogs I need to have differing views. It’s all such a learning process!

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