Minding the Shop


Shopkeepers all over the world have a lot of down time to just sit idly watching the world go by or to contemplate.



Top and Middle – Muscat, Oman
Bottom – Nizwa, Oman
All photographs by delikızınyeri

2 thoughts on “Minding the Shop

  1. Minding the shop seems to involve taking your shoes off! For a moment, I thought we were back in Morocco. Was it similar? Thanks for these, Linda – love them.

    I also absolutely love the schedule for our little gezi – doesn’t it look fab? Let’s hope the weather will be good. I am so glad I’m going and with the 3 of you!!!

    • Sandals off seemed to be standard anytime someone (male) sat – it was the same in Saudi – especially if they were sitting on the floor or platform of the shop. And yes, looking forward to our safari!

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