Bazaar Blur


Interpretations of merchandise on sale in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar



Grand (Covered) Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
All photographs by delikızınyeri

Slump Time in Isfahan

 IRN_5005-EditIt must have been the time of day.  As we wandered through the Isfahan bazaar most shopkeepers were zoned out in various positions.  After the first 10 or so, it was impossible not to laugh  and impossible not to get in the swing of photographing every one of them – hence my glut of photographs in this post.
Hopefully, by the last one you, too, will be chuckling!
IRN_4964-EditIRN_4823-EditIRN_4831-EditIRN_4804-EditIsfahan, Iran
All photographs by delikızınyeri

The World’s Loss

bIMH_7071Aleppo’s 14th  century Al-Madina souk, the longest covered historic market in the world and known for the richness and variety of its goods, was destroyed by fire during fighting in September 2012.  In April 2013 the minaret of Aleppo’s 11th century Umayyad mosque was destroyed and the mosque damaged during fighting.  The world has lost yet another slice of its history, the merchants have lost their livelihood, families have been destroyed, lives have been lost.

Who has gained from this destruction?

b3a bIMM_6032Top two photographs – Al Madina souk, 2008 & 2010
Bottom photograph – Umayyad Mosque, 2010

All photographs by delikizinyeri 

Before the crowds

Most of us only know the Grand Bazaar when it is busy with gawkers and hawkers.  We never see the calm before the daily storm – a time when windows and streets are washed, breakfast is eaten with neighbors, merchandise is pulled out for display, and a collective breath is taken before the daily push for sales begins.

bIML_7832a bIML_6355aAll photographs by delikızınyeri