Feeding Frenzy

bIML_6652aIt seems to be a city-wide pastime – tossing bread, purchased bird feed, unfinished simits, and other delicacies to the city’s millions of birds.  Seagulls follow ferry boats waiting for toss-outs and pigeons congregate around mosques pecking at scattered seed.  I wonder if our city’s aerial inhabitants are getting fat and lazy….

bIML_8167a bIMK_9461aAll photographs by delikizinyeri

A Bird in the Hand

The weekly bird market (mostly pigeons) is nestled along Istanbul’s old Theodosian land walls, giving it an air it might not otherwise have.  It is intriguing to see potential purchasers handling the birds as if they were giving them a medical exam – fanning their feathers and checking their bodies.  It’s even more amazing that the pigeons seem to be quite used to this treatment.


bIMS_19530All photographs by delikızınyeri