Writing in the Sky


During the month of Ramazan the main mosques sport ‘mahya’ – phrases spelled out in lights strung between the minarets.  During Ottoman times this was done with oil lamps placed and lit by tight-rope-walking brave souls.



Top and bottom – Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque)
Middle – Sülemaniye Camii
All photographs by delikızınyeri


IMT_12102-EditThe month of Ramazan and its iftar dinners have just ended.  Although many folks gather at homes or in restaurants for the evening fast-breaking meal, just as many opt to picnic wherever there is a green space.  The areas around the major mosques are favorite spots and also where ready made dinners are distributed.
IMT_168-EditIMT_136-EditIstanbul, Turkey
All photographs by delikızınyeri