Tusheti Women


The Tusheti region of Georgia is incredibly beautiful, but extremely remote.  Life there is wonderfully unassuming and natural, but also extremely difficult.  Life is shared with one’s fellow villagers, gathering together in the evenings around a large fire, playing impromptu games, and creating village feasts to honor life’s important milestones.  There are no stores or shops, no pharmacies, no cafes, no bars. The food is grown in small plots around the villages, they have their own livestock, tea is made from dried herbs, they make their own cheese (and bread and wine and beer and chacha), houses are built from the local stone and wood, and horses are a major form of transport.  Of course, a great deal of the work in this type of environment falls to the strong Georgian women like those I have featured here.



Top and middle – Shenako, Tusheti, Georgia
Bottom – Diklo, Tusheti, Georgia
All photographs by delikızınyeri