Writing in the Sky


During the month of Ramazan the main mosques sport ‘mahya’ – phrases spelled out in lights strung between the minarets.  During Ottoman times this was done with oil lamps placed and lit by tight-rope-walking brave souls.



Top and bottom – Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque)
Middle – Sülemaniye Camii
All photographs by delikızınyeri

The Written Word


Iznik, Turkey

The power to inform, inflame, excite, anger, soothe, and confuse.  We are so besieged everyday by words – from the back of our cereal boxes to the messages plastered on the sides of buildings – that it’s no surprise we tend to ignore the bombardment.  Yet paying attention sometimes rewards us with a chuckle moment.


National park, Oregon, USA


Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia

All photographs by delikizinyeri